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Niophlex Bonder No. 01

Mixed with the products for the chemical treatments Niophlex Bonder creates new bonds, while it protects the hairs inner structure. Improves the hairs strength and elasticity.

Bonder is used in the salon and is the one that starts the treatment. That is also why it´s marked No.01.

Niophlex Enhancer No. 02

Nourishing cream to combine the bonds, while it provides moisture and care.

Enhancer is used as number two and is the closing product of the treatment in the salon. That is why it´s marked No.02.

Niophlex Maintainer No. 03

Twice-a-week salon and home use treatment, that softens and strengthening the hair, while it also aids the hair flexibility and promotes high shine.

Maintainer is the last product in the Niophlex range. It differs from the others because it´s a product for home use. This allows the hair's strength to be maintained between salon visits. The product is marked with No.03.

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