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The use of Niophlex as a professional

The research of Niophlex has been very complex, but that is because the focus on “easy use” has been imperative.
This is why Niophlex is so special. It does not change the way you mix your chemical treatments, you just add Niophlex.
This system of three products will expand the treatments you are able to perform. The products are approved for the Danish Grøn salon (Green Salon) stamp and does not change treatment times or other product uses..

How does it work?

To rebuild a hair, it is necessary to supply nourishing and revitalizing ingredients inside the hair (Cortex). Niophlex is composed of several highly nourishing and bond restorative ingredients. But without getting into the hair they have no effect, and it is here that the specially developed Niosome system comes into play. This "transportation system" makes it possible to fully penetrate into the cortex and thus provide include N-acetyl-L-cysteine and an amino acid mixture. This rebuilds, mousturizes and repairs the hair.

What does Niophlex do for you?

  • Protects and strengthens your clients hair while you are performing a chemical treatment
  • Allows you to perform a chemical treatment on a worn hair
  • Allows you to apply more chemical treatments to the hair without breaking it. (Ex. From dark to blond without a yellow tone)
  • Improve hair condition with a high performance bond treatment

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Q: Does the use of Niophlex change my recipies when mixing?
A: No, Niophlex is designed not to change which your rutines. All you have to do is add Niophlex in the ready mix.

Q: Does the use of Niophlex change the developer strength used in my recipes?
A: No, Niophlex does not require you to do anything different than you normally do.

Q: Can Niophlex be used as a stand-alone treatment?
A: Yes, Niophlex is also a fantastic stand-alone treatment, which will uplift your client’s hair to new health levels.

Q: Is Niophlex just a salon product?
A: Yes, and no. The range contains three products. The Bonder (No.01), the Enhancer (No.02) and the Maintainer (no.03). No.01 and No.02 is only for professional use. This is for you as a hairdresser for your chemical treatments. No.03 is a duo product that can be used in the salon stand-alone treatment or as a home treatment between salon visits.

Q: How does it penetrate the hair??
A: We have developed a Niosome transport system, that allow well-known ingrediens to work inside the hair. That is what makes Niophlex very special.

Q: If I have a client with really damaged hair, and I want to treat it with a double treatment. Do I use No.02 for every single treatment or just at the last?
A: Niophlex No.02 is a finishing treatment product. That means that you just need to use it at the last treatment circle. It´s not wrong to use it every time, but it dosen´t provide anything xtra.

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